Sunday, October 5, 2008

It Really is Therapy

Some people think I am joking when I say that character designing is therapy for me because I have four teenagers at home. Am I joking? No. There now, that was blunt and to the point, wasn't it? (smile)

Don't get me wrong, my kids are great and I love them dearly and am proud as any parent can be. But anyone who is a parent knows that when they get that age where they are wanting to be an adult, but just aren't ready to handle all that it entails, well, let's just say it is hard to have smooth sailing. My husband is better at handling things calmly because he says he remembers being a teen and doing all kinds of things and making it through. I told him the worst thing I can remember doing was maybe scratching on the window of our pastor and his wife's window at night to scare them. Hubby thinks I am holding back, but it's true...(smile)

Anyway, I have found that it pays to have an outlet of sorts ... a little something where you can be in peace and do something that takes your mind off of the awesome responsibilities that we have in life ....something fun, where you can express yourself a bit.

(Does that explain why I made an Attila the Hun character-because I have teenagers in the house? )

I encourage everyone to find that niche that helps you get away from it all for awhile. I am a firm believer that everyone , and I do mean EVERYONE, has talent (s) of some sort . Use them, don't hide them. Take some time out every day, no matter how short, to do something fun and hopefully creative. You will probably find out that it really is good therapy!

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Chris said...

Oh I totally adore your Attila the hun character :)
I agree with you too about everyone finding some creative outlet you can lose yourself in... crafting is good for the soul and definately therepeutic :)
Chris xx