Thursday, October 2, 2008

Started Shopping Yet?

Have you started your gift list for all your friends, strange and not so strange relatives, co-workers, and all the other people in your life ? Well, I have decided to feature from time to time a few snazzy gift ideas to help you in your quest to find that perfect gift!

For the younger set on your list, why not check this out...

What are these? Grumpy fruits and vegetable plushies ! What younger one wouldn't love to have a grumpy squash, or tomato, or maybe even a pear? You could even buy them for your assortment of different expressions so he can use them to let you know what kind of mood he is in before you ask for that raise!

You will find these fun plushies at SappyMooseTree:

For a special gift that most anyone can use, why not consider this beautiful wooden pen from Craftiness? They have a wide selection of pens and writing utensils and lots more that you won't find anywere else, and they are purely elegant ! You might even get more letters from your loved ones if you get them a pen this beautiful!

Another fun idea for a gift is this Elvis Presley tissue box cover by Halwane:

Did you notice where the kleenex pulls out? How cute is that ! There's bound to be someone on your list who could use a creative cover for their tissue box! This item will make the ordinary a little bit snazzier! (And this shop has lots more covers to choose from!)

Finally, if you have a few of those hard to buy for folks that say they don't need anything, (then I would be willing to bet they are secretly pining for something to keep their feet warm and toasty this winter...) which is why you need to take a look at Pawfelts:

This shop has a wonderful selection of the toastiest looking felt wool slippers / socks you have ever seen! (And you can even ask for a different color if it is available .) You can't miss with buying a pair of these for someone on your list. Even if they live in sunny Florida, they're bound to get cold feet once in a while with the air conditioning running!

Stop by these shops and see what all they have to offer, you may just end up crossing a few names off of your list!


Craftiness said...

4 teenagers? You are truly an American hero.
I like your blog, and your taste in literature.

Periwinkle Studio said...

I have enjoyed your blog and really like the plushies! I know my niece would love them!

Thanks for your advice on my blog and have taken every word of it to heart! Thanks!!!!:)